Friday, May 4, 2018

Architectural Inspiration : “WHY EVERY DESIGN SHOULD BE UNIQUE ?”

Press Release Architects Under Big 3 #96
Jery Yasa and Gede Jayantara

Architect Jery Yasa and Gede Jayanra mingled stories of three recent project in Architecture Competition: Sayembara Gedung Balaikota dan DPRD Makassar, Rumah 1 Are, Art and Culture Centre Senegal.

About The Speaker

Jery Yasa is young architect at A & Partners and has participating many architecture competition and co-founder at Jery Yasa Group – Arhitect-Interior-House Developer.

Gede Jayantara is young architect at Design Assembly And has participating many architecture competition also win 2nd Winner in Denpasar Youth Park Competition

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