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Press Release : Architects Under Big 3 #56 George Speirs

The Advice I Never Got

George S M Speirs known as George, completing his Architectural degree from Newcastle. George thought that those who embark on the journey to become an architect often don’t truly know what to expect or what will be expected of them. He feel like he can say this because this is how he, and many of his University colleagues felt about their architecture course.

A lot of university subjects are direct continuations of classes that they started at school. Maths, Science, History, Politics, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Art, Sports, business are all subjects that typically start at school and some of them become very familiar with each field. However, since Architecture isn’t a class offered at school, when they enroll in the subject, they find theirselves in an unfamiliar place. Suddenly they find that linear thinking in a single subject isn’t enough in the world of architecture. They are asked to take everything they have learned from all the subjects at school combined with all the experiences they’ve had to that point in life and systematically find solutions for the built environment.

Now, according to George this is why we go to University to study architecture, to learn different approaches and to test new ones. George’s presentation offers you a chance to see the approach that Northumbria University (Newcastle) taught him and also how he adapted it to become personalized. George will present his 2 final projects, starting with the design brief, followed by his approach and explanations on each action.

About George :
George S M Speirs known George, was born in Singapore on September 10, 1990. Completing his Architectural study at Northumbria University (Newcastle) in 2012. Most of departments in the University is a continuation of what we have already received at the school such as History, Mathematics, Science, Art and Foreign Language. In contrast to the Architecture that we have never received during school, so that when the first time George enroll in this course, George finds himself in a strange place and found that linear thinking in a subject is not enough in the world of Architecture. Armed with a college experience that teaches him to complete the task of architecture through an approach that produces sound and reasoned response, George believes that architecture is one of the only subjects that can connect every aspect of life. Architects reviewing the space to facilitate the needs of life and must be with the right approach.

About Architects Under Big 3:
Architects Under Big 3 (AUB3) held on the first Friday of each month, performed by young architects under 30 years old. In this activity, young architects are given the opportunity to present their ideas and their architectural work to the public through non-formal presentation followed by relax discussion. Located at Danes Art Veranda, participants were given the freedom to choose their own space - in yard, deck, roof top, galleries - any place where they feel most comfortable to share their stories with the audience. Through this approach, the young architects and their ideas and works of architecture the opportunity to get a space to communicate with a wider audience, both lay audiences of architecture and architectural audience.

Activity : Architects Under Big 3
Edition : 56
Type of Activity : Presentasion dan Discussion
Speaker : George S M Speirs
Day, Date : Friday, December 12th 2014
Time : 19.00 - 21.00 WITA
Location : Danes Art Veranda, Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 159 Denpasar 80235 Bali, Indonesia
Telephone : +62-361-242659
Fax : +62-361-242588
Contact Person : +62-81-999-4014-12 (Tita); +62 – 85- 935-3747-39 (Nano)
Issuu : Architects Under Big 3
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