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Architects Under Big 3 #56 George Speirs


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Architect Under Big 3 #56 George Speirs
"The Advice I Never Got"
The reason I have phrased the subject of Architecture this way is because I believe architecture is one of the only subjects to connect to every aspect of life. Architects repurpose space to facilitate life’s needs, but without the right approach to creating a solution an architect can create unwanted changes to life itself, this is why we got to University to study Architecture, to learn different approaches and to test new ones.

So that, the purpose of my presentation is not to claim my approach is the best or the only way, but more towards how a UK architecture course has taught me to generate a wholesome and reasoned response to a brief/task. If you are thinking about taking architecture as a subject at university, or are currently at university for architectural design, I hope to give you an insight on what to expect and what is expected of you.


About George :
George S M Speirs known George, was born in Singapore on September 10, 1990. Completing his Architectural study at Northumbria University (Newcastle) in 2012. Most of departments in the University is a continuation of what we have already received at the school such as History, Mathematics, Science, Art and Foreign Language. In contrast to the Architecture that we have never received during school, so that when the first time George enroll in this course, George finds himself in a strange place and found that linear thinking in a subject is not enough in the world of Architecture. Armed with a college experience that teaches him to complete the task of architecture through an approach that produces sound and reasoned response, George believes that architecture is one of the only subjects that can connect every aspect of life. Architects reviewing the space to facilitate the needs of life and must be with the right approach.

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