Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Press Release : Architects Under Big 3 #59 Conchita Blanco

A Meaningful Architecture

Conchita Blanco known as Conchita believe that we do not only hold the role to have power in shaping our environment physically, but also socially. Physically – we build the very shelter that acts as the functional ground for its users, thus re shaping the physicality of a certain environment. Socially – through architecture we determine lifestyle, culture, social values and even more history.

In saying that as architects we are curators of experiences through the spaces we design and through that, there needs to be a deep meaningful consideration through every design of an opening, void, wall etc that does not solely relay over aesthetics purpose, but injecting a meaningful purpose – a poetic one. After all, aesthetics is merely subjective.

Conchita’s intention here is to prove how as architects, through our designs have the ability to communicate, to evoke ; a certain mood, a particular experience or a memory. Henceforth, to think not only as an architect, but as an artist and challenging or critiquing the common social norms and notions. In doing so, the built environment does not only exist for its practicality but there it lies with a certain meaningful presence to the environment and society. 

In understanding this further, Conchita will be presenting her previous thesis project titled as “The tomb of the Stolen Memory”, it is directed for the stolen memory of the Australian Aboriginal Indigenous – that is the long and violent British colonization of the Australian land where their land were forcibly dispossessed by the European settlers that lasted from the 1780’s to the 1920’s.

About Conchita :
I Gusti Ayu Natalie Conchita Blanco Oka known as Conchita, was born on December 7th, 1992, Completing her Post-graduate degree : Master of Architecture from Melbourne University, Victoria, Australia in 2014. Architecture has been a topic of great interest for Conchita, as it represents our culture, history and even our lifestyle.

Conchita believe through architecture can one truly shape our environment socially and physically. From completing her post graduate degree at 21 , Conchita have gained the sophisticated level of theory, design thinking and skills, along with the deep understanding of conceptual thinking. In saying that, Conchita highly ambitious and open to take part to learn and assist in any form with means for the production of significant architectural pieces.

About Architects Under Big 3:
Architects Under Big 3 (AUB3) held on the first Friday of each month, performed by young architects under 30 years old. In this activity, young architects are given the opportunity to present their ideas and their architectural work to the public through non-formal presentation followed by relax discussion. Located at Danes Art Veranda, participants were given the freedom to choose their own space - in yard, deck, roof top, galleries - any place where they feel most comfortable to share their stories with the audience. Through this approach, the young architects and their ideas and works of architecture the opportunity to get a space to communicate with a wider audience, both lay audiences of architecture and architectural audience.

Activity : Architects Under Big 3
Edition : 59
Type of Activity : Presentasion dan Discussion
Speaker : Conchita Blanco
Day, Date : Friday, March 06th 2014
Time : 19.00 - 21.00 WITA
Location : Danes Art Veranda, Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 159 Denpasar 80235 Bali, Indonesia
Telephone : +62-361-242659
Fax : +62-361-242588
Contact Person : +62-81-999-4014-12 (Tita); +62 – 85- 935-3747-39 (Nano)
Issuu : Architects Under Big 3
Facebook : Architects Under Big 3
Twitter: @underbig3

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