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Press Release : Architects Under Big 3 #87 CV. Nawabha Architects

Press Release Architects Under Big 3 : #87

Arif Rizki Hutomo, Teguh Suseno

Commissioner and CEO of CV. Nawabha Architect

“Architecture Studio Managerial - Great System, Sustainable Business”
A consecutive system will create a sustainability in the architecture business. Consistency and determination will also become a key to success. A great works, strong architectural style specification, fast service, and competitive price become an additional keys which can strongly support continuity of an architecture business. In this occasion, we will tell you our keys in achieving stability in our company.
When talking about opening your own architectural consulting studio, it means you are talking about business. In addition to a willingness and hard work, successful business will only happen if we create a coherent system. The system itself will create clarity and certainty in the future of an architecture business.
The Perfect Timing-
Many people say do not be too hasty when deciding a business plan. For us, the word “hasty” is relative. As long as we already understand the business flow and how we implemented the system in the field, why do we have to wait? But always remember! after deciding to do a business, a good system is an important thing for the business sustainability.

The system-
When we are running our business, we can’t walk without a great system. People usually say “Let me try it first...”, but in the end  a business without a system will only end up as a mess. We and our team at CV.Nawabha Architect always put the system at the top of everything. It is because we are working as a team and not only by ourselves. 

In running our architecture consultant office, we divide our system into:

1.    Founder and Company System
The system set up must support the company. It is not about how many founders or of the business, it is all about how we do and run the system between us since our team is the soul of the company. The form of the company follows the company goals, whether it is a CV, PT, or individual business. 

2.    Assets and Money Management
Assets are a fundamental aspect of a business. The existence of an asset becomes the basis of the company's existence. Money management is a complicated subject for engineering graduates because they have no strong economic knowledge foundation. When running this business, we have to know about finance and how to develop assets. Assets can come in the form of offices, computers, furniture, and so on. This might be the most complicated subject that we have done, but it is getting easier by time because we always have a group discussion about it.
3.    Projects Management
Most consultants put portfolio on their Website, and social media. The traditional way that we usually do to get a project is to look directly from our contacts, community around us, brochures, proposals, and competition. The project itself must have a good managerial system. A good time management also important in a successful project.
4.    Administration System
Good administration and finance skills are needed to run an architecture firm. An architecture or engineering graduates are weak in this subject, therefore many architecture firms decided to hire an administrative clerks. However, it is  important for an architect to be able to understand the basics of administrative management.

Start everything with a system, and then innovate. Consistency in a business is also important. Do not talk about sustainable design if your business system is not sustainable. Because there are still a lot of dreams which need to be realized, and challenges to be survived on.

About The Speakers

Arif Rizki Hutomo (Tomo) and Teguh Suseno (Teguh) are young architects graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Architect is their dream job. After graduated from ITB, Tomo, Teguh, and Their friends decided to run their own architecture studio. At the end of 2015, They commited to create a studio called Nawabha Architects. At that time, Tomo was assigned as the CEO of Marketing and Innovation, while Teguh was a CEO of the firm. At the beginning of their firm, they were only use 0 rupiah, laptops, and their brain. 4 months later, Nawabha started to earn a stable income from designing regional projects in various places. Nowadays, They currently have their own office, projects, and employees.


Event Name
Architects Under Big 3
Event Type
Presentation and discussion
CV. Nawabha Architects
Friday, July 1st 2017
19.00 - 21.00 WITA
Danes Art Veranda, Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 159 Denpasar 80235 Bali, Indonesia
Contact Person
+62-81-337-068-319 (Dea)
Architects Under Big 3

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